Advanced colon cancer can be long to live either

By | October 13, 2011

Advanced colon cancer can be long to live either? This is every patients and family members of patients with advanced colon cancer are concerned about.
Colon cancer patients to long to live either this problem and can not be generalized, first of all every body's immune function in patients with different treatment methods are not the same carrying capacity. And treatment of colon cancer is a systematic process that involves lot of factors, in general, advanced colorectal cancer from the patients themselves can be long to live either physical needs, treatment modalities, and the effects considered. If the improper disposal of advanced colorectal cancer only a month lifespans, and were very painful, very poor quality of life. If active treatment can reduce patient pain, improve patient quality of life, prolong life, patients taking anti-cancer tumor suppressor centralizer main body and the strong medicine for patients with complications. After taking most of the patients are better reflected. Survival depends on the severity of illness of patients and the body's sensitivity to drugs, and regular treatment. Everyone is different, the proposed consolidation of proprietary Chinese medicines after taking the effect of using Chinese medicine to alleviate symptoms and suffering, prolong life.
Advanced colorectal cancer treatment options of advanced colorectal cancer is an important factor in survival. The treatment of advanced colon cancer clinical methods include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Chinese medicine treatment. Arterial chemotherapy is the primary chemotherapy for advanced colorectal cancer means cancer can be reduced to some extent, but the time will be followed by increased treatment side effects, therefore, the time of chemotherapy drugs and chemotherapy, the situation should be based on tumor response, symptom remission and treatment-related toxicity may be.
Clinical application of advanced colorectal cancer radiotherapy is the treatment of one of the more, make the tumor shrink, improve symptoms, often combined with chemotherapy applications, better than radiotherapy alone or chemotherapy alone for good. However, a greater radiation damage on the body, poor performance on the body should be used with caution in patients with advanced colon cancer. In addition, given the chemotherapy side effects on the human body, in the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer can be combined traditional Chinese medicine, to play a synergistic role of attenuated, with chemotherapy applications, reduced side effects, can achieve good results.
For the transfer of a wide range, Shentixingneng weak, has been difficult to tolerate chemotherapy for advanced colon cancer can be used for conservative treatment Zhongyi Yao, Guran significant short-term effect of chemotherapy did not, but the long-term effect in improving the quality of life and prolong survival aspects significant role.
In addition, the patient's body to improve the performance of advanced colorectal cancer survival is also an important factor, the patient's own immune system advances, can resist the development of cancer, tolerance of a variety of drug treatment. Therefore, the progress of the immune performance and enhance force to resist tumor patients with advanced colorectal cancer is extremely important. In the diet, should reduce the intake of dietary fat; increase the intake of dietary fiber; cut out alcohol, spicy, hot, pungent foods. In addition, there may also be taking the role of traditional Chinese medicine Jianpiyishenfang to further enhance the body immunity.
Along with the improvement of scientific research, advanced colon cancer can be long to live either in the problem, you can say that the survival of advanced colorectal cancer have significant growth. Disease patients were by a large sector of the storm, there are negative emotions, which to some extent, the positive impact and efficacy of the treatment. So to comfort people in the vicinity encourage patients to enable them to positive treatment, can effectively extend the survival of advanced colon cancer.

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