Mental performance of patients before surgery

By | April 15, 2012

1. preoperative patient psychological expression of the fear of surgery: Surgery may cause the patient a strong emotional and behavioral responses. In general, patients performed mostly psychological in doubt, fear, anxiety and tension. These psychological responses can be based on different patients, different experiences, different features and factors such as the surgery itself were mixed.Preoperative psychological performance of patients on the surgery, anesthesia, pain and fear of death. Some panic patients even before surgery, refused surgery, most of these patients had severe anxiety or a history of anesthesia, a morbid fear of surgery. The fast development of the disease, short duration and must surgery patients, diseases, pain and hope of survival for more than the fear of surgery and anesthesia, most patients are eager to surgery, and to actively cooperate with treatment; for patients with longer After years of patients seeking treatment, psychological performance is complex, often after previous thinking like, a lot of pressure, too anxious, demanding the surgery, not to pick a doctor, is to pick the anesthetist, as the surgery date approaches, fear Psychology has become increasingly important.
2. Preoperative patient mental performance anxiety: the majority of patients with varying degrees of anxiety before surgery, the patients reduced pain Que, other systems of the body also has a negative effect, leading to a series of psychological, physiological responses, such as feeling pain, muscle tension, dependent on drugs and can not get out of bed pain, affect the surgical outcome. Main reasons: the anesthesia, surgical cases did not understand; followed by fear effects and complications of surgery; again, fear of pain. Internal factors of anxiety of patients: patients who had surgery experienced significantly more women than men; not had surgery than the surgery was done; introverted than extroverted people significantly.
3. Preoperative psychological expression of the patient's psychological reaction anesthesia: anesthesia is an important part in the surgery, anesthesia, surgery for the successful completion of a successful play an important role. Many patients during anesthesia before surgery whether the suspect woke up, expressed as tension, fear, ambivalence, there is a feeling of parting with his family life and death. Before undergoing surgery, health care workers to understand the patient's psychological condition, mental state, be aware of. Make it clear to patients before surgery to prepare, notes, anesthesia, surgical procedure, operative time, post-operative precautions and prevention. Surgical treatment of the patient to understand the whole process of its own, eliminate tension, fear and anxiety 'actively cooperate with the treatment' to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

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