Indications and contraindications of esophageal cancer surgery

By | April 15, 2012

Surgical treatment of patients with esophageal cancer can not be based primarily on the indications and contraindications of esophageal cancer .But in principle, to surgery, surgical treatment should be seek.
1.For surgery patients:
early esophageal carcinoma in situ, may be surgery;
early esophageal cancer, namely, the lower esophagus change within the range of5cm,the upper esophageal carcinoma within the range of3cm,suitable for surgical treatment;
middle esophageal lesions in more than5cm,no cervical lymph node metastasis, surgical treatment can be best combined with preoperative radiotherapy.
2.Not surgery patients:
already advanced esophageal cancer, cancer has been a clear violation of the trachea, aortic arch, lung, or a hoarse voice, persistent thoracodorsal pain.Often can not remove the tumor by surgery.
esophageal cancer patients had cervical lymph node enlargement, with liver metastasis.Resection of esophageal cancer at this time has not solve the fundamental problem, even if the removal of the original lesion, but soon other parts of the metastasis will occur.
Indications and contraindications of esophageal cancer surgery , serious heart or lung dysfunction, such as emphysema, lung and other artillery.Surgery is major surgery for esophageal cancer, cardiac, pulmonary function is not good,it isdifficult to ride off surgery.

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