Gastric cancer what is the general principle

By | December 19, 2011

Development of medical science provides us treat most diseases treatment guidelines and principles, the principle of gastric cancer represents the current best efficacy and minimal side effects, and the most appropriate medical treatment. We need to this general principle with each of the combination in patients with specific conditions, which often depend on extensive knowledge of a doctor, specialist experience and attitude of excellence, and even medical art.
Once diagnosed with cancer, the main method of treatment, what does? For now, surgery remains the primary means of gastric cancer, who should be able to surgery for resection surgery.
Treatment of gastric cancer, we must proceed from the overall concept, to improve the basis of body resistance to disease, according to the different disease sooner or later, to take surgical treatment, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment.
Cancer treatment principles 1. first stage treatment
Accurate staging of the tumor like to find out the enemy in war is as important as before, only on tumor size, scope, and the physical condition of the patients have a clear grasp in order to develop a reasonable treatment. The evolution of cancer occurrence and development of metastasis, is a long slow process of development. At different stages of tumor development, treatment and prognosis are significantly different. And for their principles and specific methods of treatment are quite different. The treatment of malignant stages of clinical treatment principles are worth considering to follow, according to choice of treatment more in line with staging the biological characteristics of tumors, cancer treatment can avoid the blindness and subjective and arbitrary, selection must be based on clinical stage different treatment options.
Principle 2 gastric cancer. "Three early" What is
"Three early" refers to the early detection of cancer, early diagnosis and early treatment is to obtain good effect, the key to increasing the cure rate and survival. Cancer have become the world's largest population serious medical problems spear and life threatening, "the devil is one of the main port early spears and no specific symptoms and been negligent
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