Etiology of colon cancer

By | April 12, 2012

The cause of colon cancer, colon cancer is common in gastrointestinal cancer etiology is not fully understood causes, known and the pathogenesis of the following factors:
1. Diet and colon cancer was considered related to dietary factors, including:
fiber content. High content of dietary fiber increased the stool and promote bowel movements, stool in the colon to shorten the length of stay, discharge faster Jibei, some of the colonic mucosa may have a carcinogenic effect of the material also will be discharged, reducing its harmful action time.
Etiology of colon cancer fat and protein quantity and quality. High-fat diet high in animal protein while stimulating bile secretion, fecal bile acid and cholesterol content increased.
diet-related changes in intestinal flora. Clostridium large intestine led to the growth of buds active drag bacteria, anaerobic bacteria such rich information base de 7 an enzyme, bile acid and cholesterol with the formation of carcinogenic polycyclic torch of unsaturated substances. If both the low fiber content in food, feces less, so that increasing the concentration of harmful substances, resulting in more cancer-causing substances, further exacerbating the damage to the colon, a colon cancer risk factors. Although low-fiber diet high in fat protein made the above interpretation of the negative impact, but how much of its importance, but also requires further study.
2. Precancerous lesions of colon polyps and villous adenomas of familial risk of developing colon cancer has been recognized without controversy. Colorectal adenomas in a single process may also be increased into cancer.
Etiology of colon cancer, 3. The long-term chronic inflammation of the colon with chronic ulcerative colitis, the mucosal damage and repair, can develop into cancer. Formation in the colon of chronic schistosomiasis, the buds were swollen into colon cancer more common in endemic areas.

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