Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug doxorubicin Notes

By | March 20, 2012

Note doxorubicin (1) extravasation can cause tissue necrosis after, it must determine venous patency before administration.
(2) shall not exceed total 450–550mg/ml, avoid serious cardiac toxicity.
Note doxorubicin (3) during the period of mediastinal or thoracic radiotherapy should not be using this in the past received mediastinal radiation therapy should be reduction.
(4) treatment should instruct patient to drink more water to reduce hyperuricemia.
Note doxorubicin (5) When the preparation of the drug if they inadvertently touch immediately with plenty of water, soap or bicarbonate of uranium solution rinse.
(6) added before using the drug injection was diluted with water or sodium chloride, the concentration is generally 2mg/ml.
Doxorubicin Note (7) ECG and ECG monitoring tools for the most commonly used, but the specificity needs to be improved, including low-voltage QRS and ST-T changes significantly more valuable, QRS wave decreased by more than 1 / 3 should be Disable chemotherapy drugs, 24h ECG monitoring can help to detect acute congestive heart failure, QRS and ST-T changes.

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