Common cancer-causing factors

By | April 10, 2012

Common cancer-causing factors, 1. Biological factors: biological factors, including cancer-causing viruses, bacteria, parasites. Has proven more than 30 strains of the virus can cause more than 150 animal tumors. Viruses can cause human cancer , such as C-type RNA leukemia viruses and is related to E-type virus alone Liao pain with cervical cancer related to aflatoxin can cause liver cancer.
2. chemical carcinogens : are cancer causing chemicals known to have been 1000. Including natural and synthetic, the daily common are:
(1) multi-ring of hydrocarbons such as coal tar, asphalt, crude paraffin, miscellaneous hope oil, benefit oil, these substances contain 3.4 – benzo flowers is an important carcinogen content of tobacco less.
(2) dyes such as azo dyes, plastic ethylbenzene, biphenyl, such as plastic, are highly carcinogenic.
(3), nitrite rubber fewer exist in nature, but by the role of bacteria in the human body can synthesize a large number of sub-nitrate gel is an important digestive cancer carcinogens.
(4) other inorganic substances, such as tablet, aluminum, etc. and their compounds, and asbestos are carcinogenic.
3. Physical factors: the physical factors that can cause cancer, chronic mechanical stimulation, ultraviolet cutting, radioactive substances, burn. The denture and the leap of long-term mechanical stimulation of teeth, oral cancer and can play tongue cancer, chronic inflammation of the cervix of women, high incidence of cervical cancer, etc., and the relationship between chronic oral stimulation of certain carcinogenic effects of radioactive carcinogens.
4. Genetic factors: population before the discovery, retinoblastoma, Wilms tumor, tumor cells addicted to network, neuroblastoma, colon cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer have a more pronounced tendency to side pass, or familial aggregation should be said that the occurrence of some tumors is closely related to genetic factors.
5. Immune function: The human body has the anti-tumor immune function, immune function is strong if this can destroy cancer cells; if such immunity is weak, the carcinogenic factors are likely to occur under the action of the tumor.
6. The spirit of factors: the occurrence of cancer and mental factors are closely related. In recent years a large number of clinical practice shows that a significant number of cancer patients before the disease has a longer period of negative emotional stimuli or the important events of a sudden blow. According to the survey, in esophageal cancer patients, anxiety, impatience and other negative emotions accounted for 56.5%; also found that six months before the onset of a major mental stimulation accounted for 52%.
Common cancer-causing factors, in short, both the incidence of cancer and the nature of exogenous carcinogens, strength and time has a certain relationship between the body's internal factors also have an important relationship.

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