Chemotherapy-induced hair loss

By | April 15, 2012

Chemotherapy-induced hair loss to hair root cells mitosis group was inhibited, cells can not be updated, caused atrophy of hair loss, different anticancer drugs, the role of induced hair loss is different, that not all chemotherapy causes hair loss, hair loss caused by the extent of drug dose, route of administration of treatment programs and related hair loss occurred at a time in the drug 2 – 3 weeks, severe armpit, and she begins, and facial hair loss. However, after the cessation of chemotherapy, the hair will grow back, hair may be better than before.
Before chemotherapy, chemotherapy drugs used to first understand the degree of influence on the hair, be prepared psychologically to eliminate worry, do not use strong irritating shampoo shampoo. Use a soft comb, combing Do not force too much, should be gradual hair comb. Thermal stimulation of the head is not too cold, do not dye or perm. Hair cut short, easy personal care. Select the right wig or hat, to correct the negative image of hair loss.
Chemotherapy-induced hair loss is a lot of common adverse reactions of chemotherapy drugs, to the image of the patient's psychological and physical adverse effects. Some patients refused for fear of hair loss in some effective chemotherapy drugs. Hair loss and chemotherapy drug selection and dosage and frequency of repetition of treatment cycles. Long-term hair loss caused by chemotherapy in addition, can also cause pubic hair, armpit hair and eyelashes fell off. Hair loss after treatment is usually 2 – 3 Zhoufa Sheng, 2 months to achieve the most significant level, but is reversible, usually after stopping 1 – 2 months, long hair and started again, and the regeneration of hair color and sometimes even more than before dark, with curly. Therefore, patients do not have to worry about, long before the hair again, you can choose a suitable wig to spare. A very small number of patients is irreversible.

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