How to correctly select the anticancer drugs

By | December 6, 2011

Increasing year by year for cancer patients, many anti-tumor drugs have been developed out of, but how reasonable choice of which anti-tumor drugs, and how the application of anti-tumor new drug which would be better, we interviewed a nationally known cancer expert, Professor Yoo, please He gave us the tumor patients about the choice of anticancer drugs.
Moderator: Hello, Professor Yoo, you can talk about why the patients in the anticancer drugs under the choice is blind? Do not know the medicine more effective.
Professor Liu: As the primary tumor less obvious symptoms, many patients suffering from cancer and do not know, and finally develop into malignant tumors delayed the best time. And in the process of cancer treatment, many patients did not know because of cancer drugs, cancer drugs have some choice blindness, just select the anticancer drugs from the surface to be treated, and can not select the appropriate targeted drugs treatment.
First, patients must be recommended to the regular hospital for their condition to be a clear diagnosis, the condition of patients to listen to the views of oncologists, the choice of specific drugs. Many of the existing mechanism of anti-cancer drugs from the molecular level, the more profound has been stated, this will help to design more rational and effective combination chemotherapy programs. Comprehensive treatment of cancer is still the future direction of development, continue to explore the anti-cancer drugs and surgery, radiation and other therapies including Chinese medicine, etc. The best combination, greatly enhance the effectiveness is a priority. In the multi-channel chemotherapy, interventional chemotherapy, chemical immunotherapy, sensitization, detoxification, drug susceptibility testing and blood concentration monitoring of chemotherapy and other aspects should also strengthen the research, the clinical application of anti-cancer drugs become more rationalized and individualized.
Moderator: Professor Liu, which now have relatively strong anticancer drugs to those which targeted? You can not simply talk about.
Professor Liu: Yes, now our hospital in clinical antineoplastic agents commonly used are: Cidan capsule , oral liquid gold rehabilitation, swollen disease pill , etc., and we are based on years of clinical experience also summed up a set of reasonable relatively strong tumor therapy – the "trinity of anti-tumor therapy."
Anticancer drugs of choice, Trinity green therapy in our hospital clinical research, applied over the years has received a mature clinical experience, and achieved a good therapeutic effect, many seriously ill patients through our careful treatment, the condition was improved, and gradually back to health.
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