Drug treatment of gastric cancer

By | April 29, 2012

Drug treatment of gastric cancer, gastric cancer surgery remains the treatment process is the main method of treatment, surgical treatment has grown from a single development for the treatment of a variety of solid tumors, an integral part of treatment, of course, remains the most important part of .
Early and mid 20th century, as the only treatment for cancer, cancer surgery treatment principle is a more thorough surgery, the purpose of attempting to cure and prevent local tumor recurrence and metastasis. Gastric cancer in the curative treatment is surgical excision. Even if the cure is not possible, surgical resection of primary gastric cancer is an appropriate palliative surgery. For most patients, the non-surgical staging is often difficult to trust, is to consider the tumor has already spread widely, it should be considered for surgical exploration. Surgery is only palliative, it can be effectively and safely reduce the patient's pain, bleeding and prevent obstruction. As long as no total removal of the stomach, palliative surgery can significantly improve the quality of life of patients. In fact, for those who hope to cure cancer patients should choose which treatment options, nearly 20 years in the international arena has been controversial. The point of contention is whether extensive lymph node dissection improve survival.
Cancer drug treatment, when we put surgical treatment of malignant tumors in the context of historical development, to inspect, you can see that, although over time, the experience of surgical treatment of malignant tumors increased, surgical technology continues to improve, But a variety of malignant tumors that long term results of surgical treatment of long-term survival has not changed much. Obviously, surgical treatment of malignant tumors has obvious limitations, but not easy to overcome the limitations of the move.
Effects from the treatment perspective, both surgery and radiation therapy as local treatment method. Therefore, cancer surgeon and radiation oncologists are very similar conceptual structure of the tumors, both malignant tumors that occur in local, violations of the surrounding tissue, the lymphatic, vascular or transferred elsewhere by natural cavities. This treatment focuses on the nature on the local, that is to control local growth and local spread, especially the transfer of lymph node.
Systemic effects of drug therapy is the method. Therefore, experts in cancer chemotherapy, in addition to also attach importance to local tumor, the greater the focus on the proliferation and metastasis of malignant tumors on. They point to cells in cancer therapy to kill the view index, it is stressed that a number of courses, full doses of medication method to be able thoroughly to kill most of the tumor cells.
Modern Therapeutics that through a number of effective drugs to fix our foundation, and kidney and soothe the nerves. For cancer radiotherapy, chemotherapy and microwave, radiation damage caused by white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, immune function.
In the development of gastric cancer treatment drug treatment program, the overall concept must be under the guidance and global thinking, to be fully considered, and correctly handle the relationship between global and local. Local treatment must obey the overall treatment, the overall treatment must take into account local factors. To prevent the "stop-gap measures," the metaphysical concept of treatment. That is, in the disease course of treatment, we must focus on the overall situation, only to seize the global nature of things, can effectively overcome the disease. The only way to truly reflect the true nature of medicine.

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