Drug classification of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

By | April 27, 2012

Drug classification of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma that occurred in the top and side wall of nasopharynx cancer. Benbingfasheng generally believed that EB virus infection, environment, diet, genetic and other factors.
The disease is equivalent national standard Chinese NPC disease name also belongs to headache, nasal itching, epistaxis, loss of wing, Shangshih gangrene and other areas. Chinese medicine, the etiology and pathogenesis of this disease as the accumulated heat of coke, nose orifices blocked, air-repressor, lung Vision loss, body fluid is insufficient, heat toxin invasion, burning Tianjin as sputum, pyrophlegm Accumulation from.
Square Syndrome
NPC differentiation, when identifying hot, cold, deficiency and excess. The nasal flow of turbid tears, sputum viscosity, tinnitus and ear disease are mainly closed, mostly for heat syndrome (fever viruses), empirical; to dry nose, headache, tinnitus and deafness, Yaoxisuanruan main disease who are mostly deficiency . Permit substantiated with heat, heat treatment to detoxify, cooling Sanjie based; cards are virtual who rule the yin and kidney, qi, blood-based.
1. Phlegm within the knot card
Main symptoms: nasal congestion turbid tears, sticky expectoration, headache, heavy head, tinnitus ears closed, scanty dark urine, neck, M. scrofulaceum, dark red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse string.
Governing Law: phlegm, detoxification Huazhuo. Modified Decoction for Qing Qi (Li Yueheng experience side)
[Composition and Usage] gall Southern Star lag, law Pinellia lag, Citrus lag, skullcap 20g, citrus aurantium lag, Magnolia lag, Xanthium lag, Shih Po lag, soil Fritillaria a bolt, Smilax glabra 30g, 3 ravioli Mahonia , Scutellaria barbata 30g, Prunella 30g, fleas off 30g. Shuijianbi.
[Gong landlord anchor] clear air phlegm, detoxification Huazhuo. Indications nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
[Modified application] headache, plus silkworm, mortar Chih; dry mouth who want to drink, plus TCS, habitat, reed rhizome; tears of blood are, plus Agrimony, self Chine; neck cold crazy person, Jia Kunbu seaweed.
2. Heat-toxin Accumulation Card
Main symptoms: nasal congestion, or Yan tears tears thick cloud, unilateral headache, blurred vision, deafness, tinnitus or Kouyanwaixie, facial numbness, mouth tastes bitter because of dry, red tongue contact, yellow moss, pulse a few strings.
Governing law: heat and detoxifying, cooling Xiehuo.
(1) addition and subtraction Qingwen Baidu Decoction
[Composition and use of] habitat l5g, forsythia l5g, skullcap 20g, gypsum 30g, hammer l2g, bamboo 109, Anemarrhena l5g, red go J 109, chrysanthemum l2g, Magnolia 109, 109 Pu Shi Ge, Campanulaceae 109, half-sticks Lin 30g, fleas off 30g, palms sub 30g, stone cypress 30g. Shuijianbi.
[Indications] Qingrejiedu, cooling Sanjie. Indications nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
[Modified application of] more than those of nasal resistance, plus Agrimony, mortar Chine; Kouyanwaixie, who face linen, plus all mortgages, silkworm.
(2) addition and subtraction Longdan
[Composition and Usage] gentian l5g, fried sticks 109, 109 Scutellaria, 109 Poria, Alisma 109, 109 habitat, Angelica 109, fleas off 30g, plantain seed, 109, 109 Ginseng, Radix 109, 109, five sub-Mei , licorice 5g. Shuijianbi.
[Indications] Qingrejiedu, Qi Yin. Indications nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
[Modified application] headache worse, plus Angelica,) 1113; fever worse, plus the rich so young; dry mouth were, plus TCS, stone Wrestling, etc.; constipation, add melon wilt benevolence, product implementation; lymph nodes were , plus Dioscorea bulbifera, bile Southern Star; nasal resistance, processors Agrimony, Callicarpa grass.
3. Qi stagnation bloodstain cards
Main symptoms: bloody nose, nausea or cicadas ear swelling, headache, dizziness, nausea uncomfortable swelling Xiong Xie, pay less, or dark purple tongue, thin white fur, pulse string.
Governing Law: Shugan Qi, of the marks detoxification.
(1) addition and subtraction Xiaoyaosan
[Composition and Usage] Bupleurum 109, night Ling l2g, acetabular surgery 109, 109, angelica, red Gou l2g, Cyperus rotundus l2g, turmeric l2g comb 109, skullcap l2g, Xanthium 109, Salvia 30g, palms sub 30g, stone Park 30g, Agrimony l5g, Shih Po 109, fleas off 30g. Shuijianbi.
[Indications] Shugan Jieyu, spleen, nourishing. Indications nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
[Modified application of] dry mouth were. Add TCS, Radix, Ginseng (steamed against); blurred vision, double vision, who spent encryption Mongolia, arrested worship, safflower.
(2) Liver Sanjie soup
[Composition and use of] red Gou 109, SM 109, Eye 3 clams, all mortgage 109, Uncaria l2g,) 1 / test 3g, Prunella l5g, Scrophulariaceae l5g, diffusa 30g, Zhejiang Tony l5g, Health male spider 30g. Shuijianbi.
[Indications] blood of paralysis, detoxification meridians. Indications nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
[Modified application] fever worse, plus Scutellaria, Forsythia, gypsum; insomnia were upset, plus fried Zaoren, mother of pearl.
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