Combination therapy of ovarian cancer

By | April 27, 2012

Combination therapy of ovarian cancer, combined with standard chemotherapy drugs may prolong life in patients with ovarian cancer. The experts from the Institute of Rotterdam through joint two kinds of drugs for the treatment of other cancers, 80% of patients relapse after initial treatment to improve the condition. "This new joint may be quite effective in extending the lives of patients, to bring hope had no chance of survival."
Ovarian cancer is a serious fatal disease, because it's early stages it is almost no symptoms, often only to be spread to other parts of diagnosis. Scientists of the 98 pairs of initial treatment in patients who lost response to cisplatin and etoposide for intensive therapy, this combined method to 80% tumor shrinkage, and 42 patients all symptoms of cancer, according to researchers in the "British Journal of Cancer Magazine "(British Journal of Cancer) the article says.
Combination therapy of ovarian cancer, surgery and chemotherapy are commonly used in disease treatment, many patients did not respond or produce the drug resistance. "Despite the current use of an effective therapy for some patients, but after a lot of people will relapse, the overall cure rate is very low," the British Association for Cancer Research Maike Wei (Gordon McVie) said, "through the new method will use the old drug is an effective treatment method. "

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