Classification of cancer drug

By | April 25, 2012

Cancer drug classification, medicine – plant chemical drugs – medicine, constitute the three major categories of clinical oncology system, three types of medicine class of drugs accounted for half of the market share ratio of 28% class medicine, chemical plants accounted for 22% of the proportion of drug Chinese medicine has become an important part of tumor. Main functions:
(1) inhibition of tumor cell killing;
(2) adjusting the body's immune and other anti-cancer potential to improve patient quality of life and prolong life span;
(3) improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy sensitizing effect;
(4) reduce chemotherapy toxicity was attenuated clinical role of general application.
Classification of cancer drugs, oncology drugs in China market size and growth rate, various mechanisms of drug action and market share, such as a single product market, the overall situation of ranking system report. Of the Chinese market size, growth rate, all kinds of proprietary Chinese medicines market share analysis and evaluation made, involving 20 kinds of Chinese medicine varieties. R & D focus in recent years made the field of Chinese medicine.
The report also compiled a listing of domestic ratification, entry into the national basic medical insurance agent directory, enter the Chinese National Essential Drug List and other anticancer drugs.

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