Application of liver cancer chemotherapy

By | April 25, 2012

Application of liver cancer chemotherapy drugs, chemotherapy and systemic chemotherapy with drugs, the drug directly into the blood circulation, and then through the liver metabolism of biotransformation enzyme systems, and discharged through the kidneys and biliary system, liver and kidney function and therefore greater impact on the body, and into all liver lesions only a small part of the chemotherapy drugs.
Intervention in the hepatic artery chemoembolization, the chemotherapy drug is mixed with the oil transcatheter shy injected directly into the hepatic artery and distal branches, and most chemotherapy drugs along with the calamity of oil deposited in tumor tissue first, and then through the blood flow erosion, the phagocytic Kupffer cells and the role of local lymphatic drainage and so gradually into the blood and then by the way metabolism. Therefore, the lower blood levels of drugs, the systemic side effects less relevant, that is, when the interventional embolization, based on high concentrations of chemotherapy drugs in tumor tissues and deposited in the low dose was gradually metabolized into the blood circulation.
Application of liver cancer chemotherapy drugs, such as tolerance to take into account only from the body, when the interventional embolization can be greater than the amount of systemic chemotherapy in chemotherapy; if only from the local tumor concentration of drug effective to consider the time involved in embolization may be a small amount of the chemotherapeutic drugs in systemic chemotherapy. Clinical practice, the two have been trying to dose, and its preliminary results: the two groups were slightly different reaction after embolization was no significant difference in the effect of this phenomenon, the author's explanation is: compared with the chemotherapy drugs, shy and effect relationship between oil consumption more closely, however, the amount of chemotherapy drugs with the tumor size, stain (blood supply) and how the relationship between the amount of oil to match with the shy, pending further study.

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