Anti-tumor drugs

By | April 24, 2012

Anti-tumor drugs, anti-tumor medicine rapid progress in new drug research and development, China is also an important feature of cancer treatment. At present, anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine research and development of new drugs is divided into the following categories: The first is antineoplastic agents, mainly based on: the main tumor regression, symptoms, quality of life and immune function improved as supplementary indicators; second the tumor an adjuvant, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy efficiency (increased efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy), and (or) attenuated (reduced chemotherapy toxicity) of drugs, advanced cancer drugs (to improve symptoms, improve quality of life and prolong survival time) and immunotherapy drugs, etc.; The third category is for symptomatic patients with cancer drugs, such as pain, hair loss, leukopenia, etc.; The fourth category of drugs for complications of cancer patients. Give an example of a more representative the results of clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicine.
Anti-tumor drug, (b) Example
1. Tsz Capsule
Zheng Wei Da, [3] According to the Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Council (94) ZL-39 Dan capsule document of the kind carried out clinical trial to examine the treatment of primary liver cancer capsule Cidan the efficacy and safety for human . From October 1994 to August 1997 in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Dongzhimen Hospital 6 hospitals carried out clinical trials, randomized single-blind method, test cases, 325 cases were randomly divided into traditional Chinese medicine group, Chinese medicine plus chemotherapy group chemotherapy control group. Compared three groups of effects, Chinese medicine plus chemotherapy group than the chemotherapy group and Chinese group, the difference was significant, traditional Chinese medicine group and the chemotherapy control group, some of the indicators of clinical symptoms and improvement in some experiments, more significant, adverse and more light, suggesting that the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is better than chemotherapy in the control group, indicating that this side has a synergistic effect with chemotherapy can improve tumor stabilization rate, from the analysis of clinical trials, the drug has the protection of bone marrow function and immune function, reduce side effects of chemotherapy and can reduce symptoms, relieve symptoms, shrink the tumor, control tumor recurrence and prolong life. Long-term use of the drug had no obvious toxicity.
2. Participation of a capsule
(1) Composition: Participation of a capsule is extracted from Ginseng tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins A.
(2) Functions: Ginseng Dabu strength, solid off the fluid, since ancient times to the drug treatment of deficiency. Can be the yin yang in the yin within the yang, encouraged by the spleen and stomach, qi congestion. Qi deficiency of the drug for lung, liver and gastric cancer and breast cancer patients based variety. 484 cases of cancer patients by phase clinical trial conducted research, confirmed by statistical analysis, the Senate combined with chemotherapy drugs for a capsule attenuated the synergism effect on the tumor Qi deficiency symptoms significantly improved clinical effect, can improve immune function and quality of life, weight gain, protection of white, non-toxic side effect is a safe and effective medicine for a class of drugs.
Currently, the class of drug development there are still some problems, such as mixed therapeutic purposes, can not clearly be synergistic, attenuated, or anti-tumor, often of several both; Chinese lack of uniform evaluation indicators, and indicators of the main study not clear; otherwise observed number of cases of confusion, the range of treatment and treatment of such diseases is not clear.
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