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Patients with emergency-diagnosed lung cancer report barriers to seeing their GP

The study, carried out by researchers from the London Cancer Alliance (LCA) and King’s College London investigated around 130 patients who were diagnosed with lung cancer after attending as an emergency at one of seven hospitals in south and west London. Overall, nearly half of the patients reported that something had put them off going to the doctor, including difficulty making an appointment, not being able to see their usual doctor, not having confidence in the GP, and fear of what the doctor might find. About a fifth of all patients (18 per cent) said they had not realised that their symptoms were serious.A fifth of all patients — who tended to be older, poorer and more fearful of what the doctor might find — delayed going to their doctor with their symptoms for more than 12 weeks. Three-quarters of the patients had consulted their GP about their symptoms, and one fifth had seen a GP at least three times. …

Symptoms after breast cancer surgery need to be treated on an individual basis — ScienceDaily

The authors state that it is crucial for good aftercare to understand and document a patient’s symptoms and target the treatment accordingly. Special attention will have to be paid to the risk of certain groups of patients: younger, premenopausal women suffer notably more from the effects of breast cancer than older women. In any case, women about to be given treatment for breast cancer should be given detailed information about late sequelae. source : http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/08/140826085730.htm