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Laparoscopic surgery for bladder cancer leads to good long-term cancer control

Open radical cystectomy, or removal of the bladder though open surgery, is the treatment of choice for muscle invasive and high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer; however, the surgery can lead to serious complications. Some hospitals are using minimally invasive procedures such as laparoscopic radical cystectomy, but there is little information on the effectiveness of these procedures for preventing cancer recurrence over the long term…

Quality of biopsy directly linked to survival in patients with bladder cancer — ScienceDaily

The two-year study found that about half of bladder cancer patients who were biopsied had insufficient material — meaning there was no bladder wall muscle retrieved — to accurately stage the cancer. Additionally, the UCLA research team found that a suboptimal biopsy and incorrect tumor staging was associated with a significant increase in deaths from bladder cancer, said study first author Dr…

Surgical Robot Fails to Show Advantages in Treating Bladder Cancer

Robots like the da Vinci, pictured, are intended to make it easier to perform minimally invasive procedures. The Star-News/Associated Press A new study finds treating bladder cancer with a surgical robot made by Intuitive SurgicalInc. ISRG +2.53% is no better at reducing procedural complications than performing the procedure with traditional surgery, a result that surprised researchers, who had expected the… Read More »