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The mistake of chemotherapy

General misconception of chemotherapy are as follows:1.Do not believe that chemotherapyAlthough some patients that chemotherapy can kill cancer cells, but the damage to human righteousness, could not cure cancer spring, that "cancer on the left got a half life, half of chemotherapy will lose lives," and believe the recipe prescription or pure Chinese medicine treatment.Some… Read More »

Kids with carcinogens found in Guangzhou to buy children’s clothing tips

Children with carcinogens found in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau recently organized the city children's clothing, toys and other holiday hot-selling product sampling found that not only the physical quality of children's clothing the low passing rate, but some brands found banned azo dyes and formaldehyde and other carcinogenic substances. Guangzhou, production of… Read More »

How many cancers is to eat out?

Fudan University in Shanghai Cancer Hospital set a "new record," admitted the youngest so far was only a 14-year-old patient with advanced gastric cancer after a news came soon after, a man in Shenyang, because the over-obsession eat hot pot, the results lead to esophageal cancer … … The relationship between cancer and eating really… Read More »