Treatment of laryngeal cancer

By | April 14, 2012

Treatment of laryngeal cancer, 1. Surgery: Chemotherapy
CO2 laser laryngeal split ten tumor resection for carcinoma in situ, Tl unilateral laryngeal lesions.
Laryngeal vertical partial surgery for Tl selective T2, T3.
the level of partial laryngeal resection for tumors above the level of the glottis, T2 – T3.
3 / 4 hose or 7 / 8 laryngectomy, selective T2, T3.
total laryngectomy for T3, T4, when conditions are ripe, it can conduct voice reconstruction.
according to the patient's condition, functional or radical neck dissection.
Treatment of laryngeal cancer 2. Radiotherapy
carcinoma in situ, can tear down the laryngoscope skin graft and postoperative radiotherapy.
preoperative radiotherapy: a wide range of diseases are feasible preoperative radiotherapy, 60C. Preoperative radiation dose is 4 weeks of radiation 45 – 50Gy, radiotherapy after 2 – 4 weeks of surgical treatment.
postoperative radiotherapy: partial laryngectomy or total laryngectomy after 2 – 4 weeks radiotherapy.
3. Chemotherapy: mainly used for the palliative treatment of advanced cancer, but also as a preoperative adjuvant therapy.
Treatment of laryngeal cancer, 4. Anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine: comprehensive treatment can be used as one of the measures that are not suitable for surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy or relapse after surgery.

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