Treatment of gastric lymphoma stage

By | January 2, 2012

Clinically, for different periods with different gastric lymphoma therapy, commonly used in the treatment of gastric lymphoma following stages:
Ie on and lIe of: surgery or radiotherapy can be local and regional lymph nodes.
Gastric Linba Liu stages of treatment IIIe, II2e of: to use surgical treatment, local lymph node radiotherapy radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.
Phase III and IV: can be surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy residual disease.
Stage treatment of gastric lymphoma, recent scholars believe that China: the individual should be in different circumstances, such as histological type, stage, systemic and local conditions, to plan arrangements for surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other comprehensive treatment, supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine treatment and immunotherapy (the latter two can be applied in each period).

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