Treatment and treatment of cholangiocarcinoma

By | April 11, 2012

1. Hilar bile duct cancer treatment and treatment of the current agreement that hilar if radical resection can get a better therapeutic effect, but such a highly professional operation, the ability of the surgeon, the level of and experience are very demanding.
In general, the limited involvement of hepatic duct bifurcation and some have better conditions and bile duct cancer, bile duct resection feasible, depending on the specific circumstances of the biliary tract with bile duct or intestinal reconstruction; from the left or right hepatic duct, has been invaded However, the bifurcation of hepatic duct was still basically normal contralateral tumor, should Unilateral resection of half of the liver and extrahepatic bile duct, gall bladder reconstruction using the contralateral hepatic duct and intestinal pathway.
Radical surgery is required of all regional lymph node dissection. Enlargement of hilar resection and liver transplantation need further evaluation. Radiotherapy after radical resection (in vitro or after-loading brachytherapy) and chemotherapy, there is no unified program, the general should implement, as appropriate, to consolidate and improve the outcome. Radical resection that can not be left or right side of the appropriate line intrahepatic bile duct jejunum anastomosis, bile duct or U-shaped tube T tube drainage and so on.
Carried out in recent years has been gradually built tube or endoscopic placement of metal stents in patients with inoperable cholangiocarcinoma may be full or partial lifting of biliary obstruction, to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life and prolong life in patients with recent comparatively good results.
Treatment and treatment of cholangiocarcinoma, 2. Cholangiocarcinoma radical resection is the only cure. Sometimes bile duct cancer confined to the middle of viable local excision and hepatic duct jejunostomy, but may not go far enough, generally using membrane duodenectomy and cholecystectomy, again, the line lymph node dissection. Radical resection that can not be above the line in the site of obstruction or bile duct jejunum anastomosis within the external tube drainage. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other non-surgical treatment is not deterministic effect.

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