The principles of Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer which

By | October 31, 2011

The principles of Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer 1. Identified the combination of disease and Differential Treatment
In addition to cancer therapy based on the pathological diagnosis and staging of patients, using different methods of treatment such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, we must also analyze changes in patients with various stages of the disease, syndrome differentiation. The same disease and pathological diagnosis of disease due to individual differences and shown at different stages of the "card" is also different, some are spleen qi deficiency, while others are stomach yin deficiency, and some belong to the spleen and so on, so the principle of treatment also different, Qi Qi who, Yin deficiency Yin, hot and humid heat will have to clear the main benefit is called "the same disease with different treatment."
For a variety of cancer patients, if a certain stage of the disease, there has been the same "card" type, such as blood deficiency syndrome after chemotherapy to BNI's rules can be used to treat, called " different diseases, "so that patients can get better results.
Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer Principle 2. centralizer evil treatment with the combination of anti-cancer method
Treatment of gastric cancer can basically be summed up with the law as righting evil aspects. How to righting the main, or evil based method, you must first clinical manifestations according to differentiation, to distinguish the actual situation, and then legislative prescription. Centralizer and method of combining evil. Centralizer is to increase the body's resistance, that is, application and fill method, such as Qi and spleen, kidney yin. Method is to eliminate the evil of this disease to human tumor harm, that application of attack methods, such as detoxification, blood circulation of the mark, Endometriosis.
For early lesions, but the righteous are not evil rampant decay time to attack law-based, should also assist righteousness. For patients with advanced, Jiubingtixu, refined gas Hao Shang, upright weakness, to make law based. Virtual evil under normal circumstances are real, is very evil, then evil by righting method, reinforcement and applied the law.
Surgery II anti-cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy are effective means of Guangxi and methods of evil, but the goal of these methods is entirely focused on elimination of tumor lesions and cancer, and cancer-fighting ability of the body and internal organs are affected, often to patients caused significant adverse reactions, damage the body's righteousness, which is obviously Chinese medicine treatment of cancer of the taboo, and thus anti-cancer therapy cancer-fighting ability to protect the body, righting the treatment given in this regard has a unique effect of Chinese medicine not only can reduce the radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects, prevention of complications and sequelae, but also enhance the patient's own anti-cancer immune function, improve quality of life and survival.
The principles of Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer 3. Overall treatment combined with local treatment
A tumor development to patient's condition after the treatment is to achieve good therapeutic effect, prognosis how, not simply the evolution of local tissue, but the general contest a variety of combination of factors, tumor and host result of the struggle among , can be had with the disappearance of the tumor, it can be a long stalemate, difficult to decide who will win rather than force the body to increase the spread of the tumor.
Cancer treatment from the outset, should be systemic, even for some of the early malignant lesions in the treatment of locally, but also the whole body should also pay attention to defense and resistance of tumor improvements.
Early gastric cancer, local control is preferred and the relative main treatment, but should be double as the overall treatment of the body to regulate the internal environment of patients. Patients with advanced or has not received local treatment should be based on the overall systemic therapy. However, the development of local lesions poses a serious threat to the body, the local processing is still the main contradictions, such as advanced tumor suppression and severe pain, the local palliative radiotherapy in patients sometimes give to bring quiet and improved. The point of view of Integrative Medicine, surgery, radiotherapy and other treatment for localized foci organizations are local treatment, while the whole body with traditional Chinese medicine to be adjusted, so that the combination of part and whole. Local treatment must obey the overall treatment, the overall treatment must take into account local factors, to prevent the "stop-gap measures."
The principles of Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer 4. Recently the combination of therapy and long-term arrangement
Gastric cancer should be a planned, step by step, progressive treatment, according to the different stages, using different methods to solve the main contradiction of this period. Term effect not only to pursue but also to consider the effect of the consolidation, the prevention of recurrence and metastasis, and long-term rehabilitation and treatment, so that the treatment of cancer is a very long process, sometimes even a lifetime. Depending upon the patients by medical professionals or subject experts to develop a long-term treatment and rehabilitation programs, and gradually implemented, which in the whole process of cancer treatment is essential.

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