Some foods that will help to prevent prostate cancer

By | July 5, 2013


One of the diseases that most concern to men is prostate cancer , which is that it is a disease that can affect any one. Prevention is necessary and is one of the most effective weapons there is to it.Follow a proper diet is necessary, and therefore in Vitónica let’s see some foods that will help us avoid it .

Provide the body of necessary antioxidants is essential when it comes to preventing diseases such as cancer , and in this case it will be critical. This just simply follow healthy habits such as sports, healthy food intake and avoiding alcohol and snuff.

The importance of lycopene

In regard to cancer prostate foods there should feature as is the case of tomatoes . Tomato has always been associated with the prevention of prostate cancer, and that contains high amounts of lycopene, which is responsible for giving the characteristic red color. Precisely this substance is responsible for protecting prostate cells, thus preventing spoilage.

Other foods that should feature in the diet in preventing prostate cancer because of its high content of lycopene are the carrot, watermelon, guava or papaya among others … These foods do not possess amounts as high as the tomato, but they are a good help in achieving improved levels of this substance in the body and improve cellular protection in this area.

Reduce testosterone to prevent prostate cancer

Other vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are just as beneficial to prevent these and other types of cancer, as they contain a substance known as sulfofafano which acts directly on the cells. Specifically it does is repair the damage caused by external agents and improve the condition and life of them. To this we must add its content to help control flaxseed testosterone.

It is this reduction in testosterone is also produced by foods such as legumes or soy . Especially the latter contains high amounts of isoflavone, which helps reduce testosterone levels and thus avoid getting prostate enlargement that can end deparando in discomfort and in diseases such as cancer.

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