Medium-term treatment of esophageal cancer

By | October 31, 2011

Esophageal tumor invasion and medium-term refers to the lamina propria or lower education film, and the regional lymph node metastasis; or around the tumor invades adjacent organs or muscle, regardless of regional lymph node metastasis.Medium-term treatment of esophageal cancer, the organs of patients with no distant metastasis, including the E and E of esophageal cancer.
Medium-term treatment of esophageal cancer, E is also the medium-term period of esophageal cancer, including tumor invasion and esophageal adventitia, regional lymph node metastasis and tumor invades adjacent organs, regional lymph node metastasis in patients regardless of the esophagus in patients of all Cancer 70% -80% likelihood of cure with surgery alone is extremely small, very small number of patients with postoperative long-term survival may be, most of the patients 1-2 years after operation recurrence or metastasis. The main purpose of treatment is to reduce symptoms and prolong survival. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in different combinations of the period, including preoperative and postoperative chemotherapy, preoperative and postoperative radiation therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy and chemotherapy and so on.
Medium-term treatment of esophageal cancer, for the H of esophageal cancer, tumors and muscle invasion, regional lymph node metastasis, or tumor invading the esophageal adventitia, regional leaching in patients without metastasis Pat junction, surgical excision is the best choice. Postoperative pathological conditions according to the option of adjuvant chemotherapy and biological therapy. Studies suggest that the preoperative chemotherapy in patients does not increase surgical mortality, can improve the survival rate, including chemotherapy significantly prolonged survival period. However, the majority hospitals often choose the first post-operative chemotherapy treatment.

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