Lateral right chest after esophageal cancer surgery incisions

By | March 23, 2012

Right chest after esophageal resection lateral incision on the middle esophagus or upper thoracic esophageal cancer, right chest, left chest incision posterolateral incision than the exposure of the esophagus and free to be much better, but its drawback is that there is no outstanding the right position and get a single incision revealed a good chest and abdominal cavity, esophagus and stomach to facilitate the free operation. Right thoracoabdominal incision, or in semi-left lateral position of the abdominal incision on the gastric and left gastric artery exposure and processing are very inconvenient. The aortic arch and descending aorta are located on the left chest, right chest after esophageal resection more difficult lateral incision, a branch operation in the event of an accident or injury of aortic bleeding in handling difficult than left thoracotomy .
Right thoracotomy approach: taking the patient and operating table into a 45 -60. Semi-left lateral position. Posterolateral thoracotomy incision, such as chest method, 5 or 6 along the intercostal incision into the chest. Cancer can be removed through the probe to determine intrathoracic stomach and esophagus to do a graft anastomosis, could from the front of the chest incision extended to the lower left, cut the abdominal wall, cutting off direct access to the upper left abdomen, costal arch, complete thoracoabdominal incision, or the other to do the middle or the left rectus abdominal incision, the stomach's free.
Resection of the middle esophagus, stomach or colon scheduled to do the neck anastomosis, patients preferred right-back booster 15. The supine position, the right side of the first 3 or 4 anterolateral intercostal incision into the chest, cut off the upper and lower costal exploration esophagus. Such as cancer may be removed by the probe, do the free abdominal incision the stomach, esophagus and then do a neck incision to complete anastomosis.
Right chest after esophageal resection lateral incision that usually caused by right anterolateral incision in the patient is supine, revealed the esophagus is difficult, often free of esophageal blind blunt dissection to be done, therefore, transfer of tumor and surrounding complete removal of lymph nodes is not easy, and sometimes bleeding may occur unexpectedly. The neck, chest and abdominal incision wounds three large, more postoperative complications, only the middle of esophageal cancer or cancer in high just in case after application of the aortic arch.

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