Introduction and treatment of vocal cord polyp

By | January 21, 2012

Introduction and treatment of vocal cord polyps Profile: vocal cord polyps are common throat diseases, which might be inappropriate due to the long sound or voice over, or after the result of a strong voice. Introduction and treatment of vocal cord polyps, vocal cord polyps and sub-limited diffuse two types of vocal cord polyp. The former main clinical manifestations are hoarseness, the light only minor changes in the sound; large polyps of vocal cords closed, could seriously hoarse and even aphonia. Laryngoscopy in the side of the vocal cord polyps typical of the first in the 1 / 3 junction.
Introduction and treatment of vocal cord polyps, vocal cord polyp is a benign disease, the main treatment methods are as follows.
(1) surgery: can or indirect laryngoscopy under direct vision down polypectomy, the mental stress, obesity, with short neck and pharynx in patients with abnormal reflexes, difficulty in surgery, some patients requiring general anesthesia and muscle relaxant agents before surgery. There are not good surgical exposure, easy bleeding, vocal cord injury, postoperative recur shortcomings.
(2) laryngoscope resection: an operation to use more laryngoscope, laryngoscope is a rigid tube exposed to patients with larynx mirror, it can be seen directly through the oral vocal physician. Doctors during surgery, through a microscope, will reach into patients with laryngeal forceps, thus completing the operation, done under general anesthesia. Operating microscope at different magnification observation, the organization may be accurate, finely cut, and the damage to the throat down to minimum. However, surgery may be under suspension laryngoscopy serious cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, phlebitis, numb tongue, throat twin recover from illness and so on.
1, remove the cause: appropriate vocal rest, avoid prolonged, high intensity, high pitch sound and hard from the sound of call. The voice training (breathing exercises. Vesicular sound, chewing, oh woo exercises, etc.), eliminating laryngeal muscle tension (local antibiotics and can be inhaled by steroid hormones.
2, early vocal hypertrophy, Summary: can be added with -chymotrypsin and other enzymes and drugs to reduce leakage and promote absorption. Local physical therapy helps improve blood circulation, inflammation, swelling and softening dissipated hyperplasia, simple can be FM, DC, or TDP (TDP) and other therapies: hypertrophic and early vocal nodules can be added with a DC of drug ions (iodide ion ) or audio guide radiotherapy. Chinese medicine and acupuncture can also be used.
3, the limitations of vocal hypertrophy, vocal nodules and various types of conservative treatment fails vocal polyps: in indirect laryngoscopy, direct laryngoscopy, or microscopic surgery under suspension laryngoscope, using instruments or laser ablation of dysplasia, surgery should be noted vocal rest and voice training.

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