Early symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma

By | April 30, 2012

Early symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer, nasal sinus cancer incidence rate is not high, accounting for 2.05% -3.66 systemic malignancies%. High incidence in northern China in the South. Incidence rate ratio of men and women the vast majority occurred in 40-60 year-old 1.5:1-3.0:10. Malignant tumors in the sinuses, the highest incidence of maxillary sinus cancer, up to 80%. Primary malignant tumor in the nasal cavity is relatively rare, more with the ethmoid or maxillary sinus malignant tumor occurred. Moreover, due to nasal tumor easily found and treated early, so the slightly better prognosis than sinus tumor. Is opening in the nasal sinus bone cavity, so pairs, a total of four pairs, namely, maxillary sinus, ethmoid, frontal and sphenoid sinus. Compared with the anatomical location of the sinus concealed, no obvious clinical manifestations of early, when symptoms and signs, the tumor has developed or is already quite late period. Sinus tumor is difficult to diagnose early, easily misdiagnosed, the treatment effect has to be worse than nasal cancer.
(A) nasal obstruction
The most common symptom, accounting for about 85%. Generally will be greater for the unilateral nasal obstruction, but the tumor can cause compression of contralateral secondary nasal septum nasal congestion, nasal congestion and pharyngeal and even breathing difficulties. Experience the daily life of everyone in the nasal obstruction is a very common symptom, not too nervous, after all, nasal sinus cancer, the incidence rate is not too high. Colds, allergies, chronic rhinitis nasal sinus anatomy diagram of Figure 12 and so may cause nasal congestion, but this type of nasal congestion 1. Nasal 2. Sinus 3. Ethmoid 4. Maxillary sinus 5. Sphenoid sinus is usually bilateral, or alternating in nature, onset of symptoms of severe fluctuations in one by one, after the onset of remission; tumor caused most of unilateral nasal obstruction, and showed a progressive development, more and more weight. Of course, some deviation of nasal septum in patients with unilateral nasal congestion there, but most symptoms have emerged over the years from a young age is not development.
Early symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (b) tears of blood
Sinonasal tumor can be accompanied by bloody nasal discharge or services of the early symptoms of cancer can be manifested as unexplained recurrent unilateral bloody nasal discharge, nasal sinus cancer, the symptoms appear relatively late, and the older blood secretions, color dim, dark red or brown. Tumor necrosis occasionally there are more bleeding. Therefore, the conduct of unilateral nasal obstruction or accompanied by tears of blood stock to the hospital patients should be checked in time. Tears of blood or nasal bleeding is a common symptom of most people who experience most of them not due to cancer causes. Low winter temperatures, dry air stimulation, damage nasal membranes of Mongolia, there are bad habits like digging the nose, nasal congestion caused acute inflammation, trauma or stroke nose forced tears when they occur in the blood, then do not panic, just go to the hospital Simple checks can identify the specialist.
(C) pain and paresthesia
Mainly for nasal pain, unilateral cheek pain or migraine, the patient may also have cheek numbness, or cheek sense of ant aliasing, mainly due to lesions of the sensory nerve. But the symptoms are usually not obvious in the beginning, often mistaken for flu or other minor physical discomfort, and delay in treatment, lost time early detection and early treatment.
(D) Dental disease
Malignant tumors in the sinuses, especially in patients with maxillary sinus cancer, tumors may infringe on the collar down the emergence of a series of symptoms of alveolar bone. There are unilateral maxillary pain or loose teeth, or teeth on the collar delayed healing after tooth extraction wounds. In particular, these patients after a period of symptomatic treatment had no effect, one should look at the ENT doctor, check whether the lesion tissue around the teeth.
(E) nasal odor, smell disorder or abnormal
If the rapid growth of tumor necrosis may occur in the nasal cavity under the action of bacteria produce a nasal odor or smell. Nasal congestion or a violation of the tumor arising from olfactory area olfactory dysfunction. When patients find their sense of smell becomes very poor on the one hand, on the other but often smell their own stench or nasal cavity, there are other strange smell, then we should alert, timely medical treatment, careful nasal cavity or sinus the possibility of malignancy.
(F) eye disease, visual impairment when the tumor invasion of the orbit when the eye can make up, out, forward movement, eye activity limitation leads to double vision and conjunctival edema. However, when patients with such symptoms when the tumor has grown to late.
Early symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (g) neck mass
Cervical lymph node metastasis in patients with neck or collar in the enlarged lymph nodes under the regional hit. Neck mass of self-examination can be found in "NPC" section.

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