Comprehensive Treatment for Cancer

By | December 4, 2011

Cancer is not only frequently-occurring disease, and is difficult to cure. So, comprehensive cancer treatment because what is it? The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 2000 global total of 5.3 million men and 470 million women new cancers, including 620 million people died of the disease, 80% of patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage patients. Comprehensive cancer treatment because, in our country, cancer has become the first urban residents cause of death. WHO and China's government has cancer as one of the key issues need to be resolved, because Korea actively improve the efficacy of the strategy of cancer has become imperative. Nearly half a century to the advancement of technology and law of the tumor biology and the deepening of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other treatment in the segment continue to improve and increase the survival rate five years after treatment from the 20th century 50's 20 or so. risen to about 50%. Nevertheless, people have gradually realized that, in the treatment of malignant tumors. All existing treatments have certain advantages, while there are some limitations, results alone are not ideal. Lead to recurrence and metastasis remains a major cause of death in patients. Moreover, in the early stages of the tumor is often enough to alert the lack of symptoms, and many had already occurred in the early stages of tumor present examination method is hard to find the sub-clinical micrometastases, in the face of such cancer patients, several commonly used and effective of treatment, there are certain limitations and deficiencies, such as surgery alone in 22% cure rate, cure rate of 18% of radiotherapy alone, 5% cure rate with chemotherapy alone. Comprehensive cancer therapeutic reasons, therefore to clinical point of view, the current should continue to enhance existing effective treatment level, a planned, rational application of existing variety of effective means to learn from each other, and that is why the promotion of tumor comprehensive treatment of the reason why.

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