Comprehensive cancer treatment principles

By | December 4, 2011

The principle of comprehensive cancer treatment, most cancer occurrence and development process is from the local to the body, from the limitations of the early to late disease, systemic disease. But this is not absolute, and some of the performance of cancer at the outset as a systemic disease, even in the primary tumor is not the case of symptoms, first of all to transfer or systemic symptoms for the performance of the disease. Comprehensive cancer treatment principle, which is to clarify the implementation of the treatment before the problem. For more limited, spread tend to have very small tumors, the principle of comprehensive cancer treatment, surgical treatment is usually first, and then under the operation conditions and the histopathological type of tumor determine the need for further treatment. For more limited, but there are obvious tendencies of the tumor spread, usually in local treatment after surgery or radiation, then the regular medical treatment. The limitations of the surface, but the potential is very likely to spread and (or) has a regional metastasis of tumor, usually before surgery should be carried out chemotherapy (neoadjuvant chemotherapy) or local irradiation, systemic and local control, and then surgery, surgery continue after implementation of adjuvant chemotherapy and (or) preventive irradiation. For already have a clear spread of surgical time or temporary loss of the tumor, should be based on medical therapy.
Comprehensive cancer treatment guidelines, which some advanced tumors, such as cancer, ovarian cancer, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy achieved some degree of control, could also be removed through an operation to improve the therapeutic effect. Therefore, we must attach importance to local treatment, but also attention to systemic treatment, both need to improve the overall efficacy of organic complexes.

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