Chinese medicine treatment for cancer when

By | November 14, 2011

When Chinese medicine treatment for cancer? When cancer patients in traditional Chinese medicine doubts, which traditional Chinese medicine when appropriate, whether patients, family members, friends or colleagues, always want the best way doctors treat patients. When Chinese medicine treatment for cancer, but a considerable number of cancer patients and even some doctors of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer rehabilitation Misunderstanding exists, that only when the cancer patients to late, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other means are powerless when it is thought in traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine can affect the efficacy of such treatment.
When Chinese medicine treatment for cancer? In fact, in recent decades of clinical practice has proved that in Integrative Medicine – means of traditional Chinese medication and surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and other Western therapies reasonable combination of each other, the overall treatment of the level of cancer patients Odd really important to improve. That is, Integrative Medicine is the best way to treat cancer. In other words, we can not rely on Western medicine, Chinese medicine can not be alone. Chinese medicine treatment of leg should be run through the whole process of tumor treatment, including treatment in Western medicine and treatment.

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