At present the main method of treating cancer which

By | December 18, 2011

Currently, the main method in the treatment of cancer surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biological treatment of four categories, there are other effective methods of endocrine therapy, Chinese medicine therapy, thermotherapy, radiofrequency ablation and photodynamic therapy of local or systemic treatment of various Each method has its indications and adverse reactions. For each of the specific treatment of cancer patients there is no fixed model to follow. Only the indications of fully grasp the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, to distinguish between primary and secondary, each other, the correct assessment of each patient's disease status, treatment procedures and reasonable arrangements, multidisciplinary work closely together to achieve the maximum improve the lives of patients quality, and prolong survival purposes.
Main method of tumor treatment (1) Surgery: Surgery is the treatment of cancer of the oldest methods. Surgery is the primary means of cancer lesions, lymph drainage and the possible erosion of the surrounding tissue removed all or part of treatment, many early and mid-term treatment of solid tumors, the most effective method, about 60% of the solid tumor to surgery as the primary treatment. The purpose of child cancer treatment is to completely remove the tumor can achieve the purpose of cure, but the tumor has spread, surgery is often only as a palliative treatment, and with other treatment methods (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy ) closely, it may achieve the best results. Cancer surgery for cancer prevention, diagnosis, staging, reconstruction and rehabilitation plays an important role. However, before surgery must take into account the stage of cancer, surgical resection and patients the possibility of physical tolerance. Different purposes according to surgical procedure to select a different type, such as diagnostic surgery, exploratory surgery, radical surgery, palliative surgery, adjuvant surgery, surgical reconstruction and rehabilitation, preventive surgery, distant metastasis and recurrence of tumor resection surgery. Specific surgical patient's body according to the situation of cancer staging and surgical treatment of conditions of visiting hospital to decide.
The principal means of treatment of cancer (2) Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is the use of high-energy electromagnetic radiation (radiation), mainly X ray and -line treatment of tumors methods. Radiation effects on the body, can cause changes in the molecular structure of the body, the delay time of cell division; strong exposure to cell division but also at a standstill, so that cell division can not continue after the growth or propagation, the organization which is temporary or permanent growth inhibition, or even result in irreversible damage, degradation and atrophy. In general, different organizations, there are big differences in radiation sensitivity, radiation sensitivity of normal tissue is relatively low, mostly benign tumors less sensitive to radiation; and malignant tumors to radiation is most sensitive to radiation and its inhibition injury was the strongest. It is the clinical use of these principles, the radiation for the treatment of certain cancers and a few benign tumors. Because of radiation on normal tissues also have some inhibitory effects and damage, therefore, must be very sensitive to radiation before the tumor can choose radiation therapy. Meanwhile, new technologies should be adopted in radiotherapy, such as the X knife (also known as photon knife human knife conformal radiotherapy techniques to minimize the target organs and immune hematopoietic tissue radiation injury and improve the radiation effect. Radiotherapy in cancer treatment an important tool, and some tumors can be cured by radiation therapy or the purpose or the place of surgical treatment, such as nasopharyngeal cancer , esophageal cancer, lymphoma, and so on. with surgery, chemotherapy in treatment of head and neck cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma , skin cancer, and so, than single surgery or radiation therapy significantly improved. In recent years, the new, advanced radiation therapy equipment are constantly updated every year, the commonly used treatment methods are external beam radiotherapy, intracavitary irradiation, in vivo exposure, patching irradiation.
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