Acute treatment of central nervous system

By | April 13, 2012

Acute treatment of central nervous system (1) reduce intracranial pressure treatment: the patient should keep the airway open, given rapid intravenous infusion of 20% mannitol for dehydration, can also reduce intracranial pressure and Caribbean Sammy dexamethasone to improve the dewatering diuretic effect. Those with obstructive hydrocephalus, often reduced by rapid lateral drainage of intracranial pressure, the lifting of the brain pain crisis.
(2) treatment of epilepsy: Keep patient airway patency, to prevent foreign body aspiration and prevent injury; to correct hypoxia and metabolic disorders; improve cerebral edema. When necessary to alleviate the symptoms of injection of Western and long-term control of epilepsy is lame to the oral anti-epilepsy drugs such as phenytoin sodium and effective anti-cancer therapy.
(3) surgical treatment: Once the diagnosis of brain tumors and locate a reliable, timely surgical indications for surgery were the most effective treatment. Clinical generally poor, can not tolerate surgery in brain tumor metastasis when compared with superficial needle aspiration under local anesthesia and possible treatment. Brain tumors or cerebral edema due to blockage of cerebrospinal fluid channel, the occurrence of hydrocephalus shunt can be used for decompression.
(4) Radiation therapy: radiation dose, as the brain tumor type and condition may be. Radiotherapy at the same time, dexamethasone can reduce radiotherapy-induced brain edema. Brain metastases of the palliative effect of radiotherapy is better than the other treatments. knife treatment can rapidly improve the clinical symptoms, the effective rate of 92% -100%
Acute treatment of central nervous system, acute treatment of central nervous system (5) Chemical treatment: not easy as most chemotherapeutic drugs through the blood-brain barrier, so the chemotherapy is only applicable from the germ cells, small cell lung cancer and brain cancer transfer. The most common is the Me-ccnu150mg oral, once a month, 6-10 times for one course; also be added with vincristine or try to increase the efficacy of etoposide.

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