Tumor Markers Clinical Significance

By | March 31, 2012

Biological tumor markers in the clinical significance of protein is the material basis of life, many of the biological behavior of cells and life activities are inseparable from the protein. Proteins in the cell memory in many forms. Cells, genes or DNA changes, directly affecting the function of protein structure and biological effects. By understanding the changes in these proteins, we can get the information from cell biology. Protein changes in normal cells with regularity, the quantity is controlled, whether it is a more or less are non-normal performance, so any factors that affect cell function and life activities, will be in the amount of protein and structural changes, this is our basis for clinical examination.
We know that cancer cells are abnormal cells, tumor cells produce some of the abnormal changes of the protein, both in structure and number of changes, we are called tumor markers. Tumor markers are produced by the tumor tissue and cells abnormal expression of biologically active substances (including the host response to tumor cells, the role of the host tumor cells, tumor cells themselves, etc.). These markers reflect the cancer growth, invasion, metastasis, occurrence, development of malignant behavior, and has a qualitative and quantitative significance of the biological activity and other signs. Of course, in addition to protein, there are many other substances involved.
Biological tumor markers in the clinical significance of tumor markers of sources including: the tumor cells and the tumor cells themselves (autocrine); tumor tissue or cells (including host) secretion of certain factors, stimulate tissue or tumor interstitial tissue, or tumor cells to the tumor tissue and cell growth and invasion and metastasis factor (paracrine), may also act on tumor cells in the vicinity; stimulate tumor tissues and cells (including host factors) or certain organizations the function of cells to increase secretion increased, significantly higher than normal substances (endocrine), tissues and cells. This is the most commonly used clinical tumor blood, various body fluids, readily available waste, clinical serum body fluids, fecal examination is common. We are now accounted for all of the tumor through a large number of ISM basic research and clinical study screened out. The clinical significance of our markers, should be combined with the specific circumstances of a dialectical analysis of sleep can be consolidated it look one-sided isolation test results.
Biological tumor markers in the clinical significance of the following points: cancer screening high-risk people; guide cancer treatment choice; monitoring cancer therapy; surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the tumor recurrence and metastasis of monitoring, tracking evaluation; tumor the basis and source of the differential diagnosis of tumors; find immune and biological therapeutic targets, making the tumor more specific molecular targeted therapy, specificity and effectiveness; other.

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