The use of esophageal cancer drugs PYM

By | March 20, 2012

Pingyangmycin Usage (1) intravenous infusion. Each 8_10mg, dissolved in saline 10ml, add saline or 5% glucose infusion 250mI, 2_3 times a week; or per 16mg, week 1, the total 200_300mg, with an average 240mg.
(2) intramuscular injection. Each 8_10mg, 4ml normal saline solution, deep intramuscular, use ibid.
Pingyangmycin Usage (3) intratumoral injection. Normal saline solution, diluted to 2mg / time, daily or every other day 1.
(4) coated. Pingyangmycin ointment in tumors with ulcerative surface, day 1.
Pingyangmycin usage (5) intrathoracic injection. Each 8_16mg, 20ml normal saline solution, 1 per 1_2 weeks.

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