The clinical symptoms of cervical cancer

By | October 11, 2011

Clinical symptoms of cervical cancer:
1.Early often asymptomatic, or only a little discharge, along with tumor progression, vaginal discharge increased significantly.When cancer swelling associated with infection and necrosis, the secretions were kind or version of rice soup, a stench or bad odor.
Child cancer symptoms 2.abnormal vaginal bleeding: early often contact bleeding, common in sexual or gynecological examination, the amount of bleeding may be more or less.Young patients have showed menstruation, cycle time, increased by the amount of those.Many postmenopausal women showed abnormal vaginal bleeding.Vaginal bleeding in patients with more advanced, there were a lot of bleeding to shock.Poor long-term repeated blood prone to cause bleeding.
Clinical symptoms of cervical cancer 3.Late secondary symptoms: patients with advanced tumor invasion according to the scope of the organs involved the emergence of a series of symptoms.Parametrial invasion of carcinoma of swelling along the pelvic wall, pelvic wall nerve compression, the Ministry of Confucianism may appear generous, or sciatica, cancer oppression ureter, causing ureteral obstruction, hydronephrosis, or low back pain, severe cases can lead to renal failure.Violations of the bladder or rectum cancer, there may be urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, hematuria, and embryo door bulge, dry stools, tenesmus, bloody clothes and so on.The further development of cancer, suffering from cachexia may occur, manifested as weight loss, fatigue, anemia, fever and so on.

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