Stomach – esophageal reflux disease pathogenesis

By | March 23, 2012

Stomach – esophageal reflux disease, the pathogenesis of gastric esophageal reflux disease for a (GERD) refers to the stomach and duodenal contents flow anti esophagus and esophageal injury caused by the disease. The past 20 years, the disease incidence rates have increased significantly, the foreign data show that 7% _50% of GERD symptoms once a month and 2% of people with reflux esophagitis.
It is reported that 0.07% of GERD can cause esophageal adenocarcinoma patients, and GERD is the major cause of Barrett's esophagus. Barrett esophagus is a recognized precancerous lesion of esophageal adenocarcinoma. Western countries the incidence of esophageal adenocarcinoma is rising, the reason that GERD and Barrett esophagus is the increase in the incidence. The incidence of GERD in China upward trend was also found, according to incomplete statistics, China has 16.98% _29.3% of GERD symptoms once a month.
With changes in diet and work to accelerate the pace of life, GERD may further increase the incidence of, so in the new historical period should be given adequate knowledge of GERD.
Stomach – esophageal reflux disease pathogenesis, gastroesophageal junction to prevent reflux of gastroduodenal contents key, which play a major role in the lower esophageal sphincter by the sympathetic, parasympathetic dominance, usually excitatory ( cholinergic) and inhibitory (non-cholinergic non-adrenergic) both nerves. LES relaxation caused by nitric oxide is the most important neurotransmitters. There is a transient LES relaxation and persistence of two, transient LES relaxation is an esophageal gastric junction dysfunction the most common cause, accounting for 65% of GERD.
Stomach – esophageal reflux disease mechanism, causing a transient LES relaxation due to a gastric dilatation, high-fat diet and upright position. Normal subjects there is also a transient LES relaxation, but the onset of GERD patients had transient LES relaxation increased significantly more frequently than normal, the reason is unclear.

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