Into the lives of cancer patients: living happy day for day

By | May 9, 2012

Into the lives of cancer patients, people often put their title – cancer patients and "pain" associated with, but reporters saw them, a smile has been hanging in their faces. Perhaps they have been in pain, but after a life tempered and patient's support, they stood up strongly.
In the April 15, " Cancer Awareness Week "on the eve of the reporter walked into the club Jinan cancer, understanding in a" desert of life "in the cancer patients were.
There is a force called the mutual support
Levin, 58, Red (a pseudonym) had breast cancer 4 years. Recalled just been diagnosed with cancer had never been seen, Li Hong said she now feel that they are ridiculous. "I just finished chemotherapy during that time, every day go to the park and other members of exercise, as will as Xianglinsao seize the members would set him down grievances. Even secretly started writing a will, and gave the children play sweater, I think left to wear them after the death. "
Wen Ho Lee now red, sweeping away the haze before. She said when she was sometimes reluctant to go out, members will be the telephone call to her home, encouraged her to come out, even to her family pulled her out. Very long to see some old members will be in a good mood, she was very touched. Slowly, she also change. Now she became the club's "senior optimist."
Levin, like red, as in cancer and more than 400 members of the club, there are more than 200 patients of breast cancer patients. Wang Zhigang remember the person in charge of the club, most of these breast cancer patients do not breast-conserving surgery. Member to the group sometimes swim club, some members fear exposure of their shortcomings in the chest, do not actively participate. Person in charge gave them ideas: "You, on the shore, you can take the towel in the chest. Say no breasts, we still can have the sun of life." Driven by some members to participate in breast cancer patients more gradually swimming up.
"Alive, we must happy day"
Even so, the words of patients with cancer is that they are not in the belt bomb people, a bomb could explode at any time. There are a considerable number of cancer patients living in the shadow of the disease. Even optimists of them, were in pain and only they know.
Club Leader Han Pak told reporters that the largest membership of the club more than 80 years old, the youngest member is only 10 years old, they had all passed away last year. "The 10-year-old child suffering from leukemia, a few years ago I went to see him. He looks plump, and learning is also very good, I remember he was returned to me that his future dream is to be a doctor , then the fight against cancer. But now … … "
Into the lives of cancer patients, shortly before the point of exercise training in the park flowers three or four ten members, four members died. During that time, the exercise point the atmosphere was filled with sadness, members as "comrades" in passing, while sad, had to once again face death.
"I remember there was a sick friend how long, how long to pain, how to persuade is to get out. I remember her dying, I went to see her. She told me that she soon passed away, it suddenly became clear to be sick can not do that living law, must be alive for one day, we must happy day. "Han Pak told reporters.
Member exclusive 5-year-old Birthday Celebration of Health
"Benefits of long cancer, troubles resolved; day at the park, every day honeymoon … …" This is a club within the spread of a limerick, it is with this mentality that they are facing every day life.
"Anticancer star" Sun Zhuo (a pseudonym) told reporters, if myocardial infarction patient is immediately sentenced to death were executed, they are sentenced to probation cancer patients who suspended if the performance is good, can not die So, if holding an optimistic attitude can be reborn.
In the club, cancer, age over 10 years of membership are many, their common aspiration is not equal to cancer deaths. Each year, the club have 5 years of age for the cancer at birthday party member. Because medicine to cancer 5 years after surgery without recurrence or metastasis as clinical cure, clinical cure as members to the second rebirth.
Wang Chih-kang said the rebirth they know better than others the meaning of life.Into the lives of cancer patients, "First of all treasure life, and we arrange their lives every day was full, does not allow one o'clock waste; second is to valuable to society, willing to help others, we are considering joining Springs Volunteer yet. "" Who says cancer equals death, we are still alive, do not think we only have pain, we also have the joy of hard work. live every second and the death gladiator, fighting for his life lived, as the sky the stars shine quietly, it seems earth fire burning, there is a hair splitting a splitting, there is a ray trace of hot hot fat. We live a full and happy, we struggle, work hard, hard light, heat and hard work, hard work! hard !"— Club "anti- Cancer Star Song "seems to be endless praise of a group of tenacious life.

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