Indications for esophageal cancer drugs fluorouracil

By | March 20, 2012

Fluorouracil 5-FU for the treatment of gastric cancer, breast cancer, digestive system cancer, gynecological cancer, head and neck cancer, skin squamous cell carcinoma. Chest, intraperitoneal administration of malignant pleural and ascites also have some effect.
Indications fluorouracil (1) gastric cancer . 5-FU alone for gastric cancer by about 20% effective rate, the average remission period is shorter (up to 3-5 months). Often present clinical 5-FU as the core, composed of two different or three joint by joint program, which is more commonly used are: 5-FU ten MMC (mitomycin C) (FM program); 5-FU and MMC and Ara-C combination (FMC therapy); 5-FU combined with high-dose CF. In addition, the clinical use of 5-FU are still ten DDP (FP program) ,5-FU ADM ten ten DDP (FAP program) and so on.
Indications fluorouracil (2) colon cancer. 5-FU for colorectal cancer has a good effect, the effective rate of 11% -50% (average 25%), and the median response duration was 27 weeks, more effective than mitomycin C and semustine (Me- CCNU, a cheek LCF Plaza Premium nitrate combined with 5-FU is a more positive treatment of colorectal cancer can increase efficiency to 21% -45%, and effective case of 5-FU used in the past cases of failed . the clinical treatment of colorectal cancer combined with chemotherapy to 5-FU-based mostly, and DDP, MMC, Me-CCNU and other useful, but the effects are worse than CF +5- FU combination program.
Fluorouracil indications (3) esophageal cancer. 5-FU alone for esophageal cancer is about 15% efficient, clinically often combined with DDP (DF program), with usage as: DDP100mg/m2 intravenous infusion (hydration), day 1; 5-FU1000mg / (m2 day) intravenous infusion, the first 1_5 days, 21 days. DF effective therapy for esophageal cancer can be increased to 40% _50%; such as this based on the use CF, the efficiency can be increased to 70%.
(4) liver cancer . 5-FU administered by conventional method is not obvious liver cancer ,5-FU and MMC, CTX, MTX efficacy of such combination is expected to increase.
(5) breast cancer. 5-FU alone the efficacy of breast cancer is poor, about 20% efficient, such as with CTX, ADM combination (CAF program), the efficiency can be increased to 50%.
Indications fluorouracil (6) gestational trophoblastic tumor. 5-FU for malignant mole and choriocarcinoma have good therapeutic effect, such as with actinomycin D (ie dactinomycin) and consumer mustard (AT A 1258) combination, the effect can be further improved.
Indications fluorouracil (7) skin cancer. Topical application of 5-FU treatment of multiple, superficial basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma have a good effect on the cure rate of precancerous lesions in more than 90% of superficial basal cell carcinoma on the cure rate of 80% or more. As local applications, very little systemic absorption, toxic side effects, and the cure is rarely left after the burn marks.

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