Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug etoposide capsules Study

By | March 18, 2012

Experimental Study of Etoposide soft capsules, oral etoposide capsules mechanism of VP-16 and VP-16 used the same vein, the role of topoisomerase sites are IT, development of drug among a stable enzyme-DNA can be split complexes, DNA damage and interference re-repair. It was found that compounds with VP-16 can be reversed by the elimination, so that DNA repair, reduces the cytotoxicity.
Therefore, the extended duration of action of VP-16, VP-16 may increase the anticancer activity. Experimental Study of Etoposide soft capsules, in recent years found in the treatment of SCLC, the same total dose of VP-16 pm on the 5th administration, significantly better than the 1st injection results. Multi-day administration of the SCLC to improve efficacy and plasma concentrations of VP-16 was higher than 1g/ml of the time, but not with peak plasma concentration or area under the plasma concentration curve has nothing to do. Thus the use of oral VP-16 provides a theoretical basis.
Experimental Study of Etoposide soft capsules, oral VP-16 after 0.5 – 4h reach peak plasma concentration, bioavailability of oral administration about the services the average dose of 50% (45% – 70%), However, large differences between individuals, based on different individuals with different diseases and physiological factors (especially the gastrointestinal tract of different functions), on the bioavailability may have some influence, products from different manufacturers are different bioavailability. After oral absorption, distribution and elimination kinetics in vivo with intravenous administration of similar means.

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