Anti-cancer drugs and health products of different

By | April 26, 2012

Anti-cancer drugs and various health care products, medicines for the treatment of disease, diagnosis and prevention, the role of life-saving drugs, which are closely related with human life. The health care products by definition, health care and adjuvant therapy, there is a big difference between the two.
First is the effect different drugs is a treatment that can reduce the mass, pain, antiemetic, etc., but the manual on health care products can only be immunomodulatory, anti-mutation, strengthening the immune system.
Second lot different: drugs are approved by the State Drug Administration issued: The format is: Zhunzi Z, H, S … … (Z said medicine, H-chemicals, S said biological products) that require special here is Zhunzi B, is that health care products, is the original non-standard health care drugs. The batch number of health care products, the city of Wei Jian fresh word … … and so on.
Therefore, cancer patients choose to buy drugs, be sure to tell if it was drugs or health products, or not say,
Administration of chemotherapy according to the different methods and routes of administration, and after administration of drug in the body or tumor characteristics clearly different from the distribution area can be divided into systemic chemotherapy and local chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy generally refers to methods of oral and intravenous chemotherapy in force, the main features of the drug absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract or from intravenous access into the body, can reach all tissues and organs of the body, chemotherapy drugs inside the tumor tissue concentration other organizations, no significant difference. Systemic chemotherapy is the most common and basic chemotherapy, but its systemic toxicity and side effects heavy.
Local chemotherapy mainly through interventional methods, such as inserting catheters, drug pumps and buried the image-oriented methods such as F puncture the chemotherapy infusion in the local tumor area. Local chemotherapy can improve local tumor drug concentration, give full play to the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy.
Anti-cancer drugs and health products are different in clinical practice, systemic chemotherapy and local chemotherapy should be organic complexes in order to play their respective strengths to improve clinical treatment.

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