What is common in patients with colon cancer diet

By | January 4, 2012

Colon cancer patients with common dietary precautions
The main physiological function of the colon is to absorb water and store food residues, the formation of faeces, colon glands can secrete a thick mucus, this mucus is alkaline, can be the product of the fermentation and manure. When suffering from colon cancer, the physiological function has been damaged, bowel function and general condition are affected, such as diarrhea, constipation, body weight loss and other symptoms. If you still do not pay attention to diet, eat foods that are not digestible, and the cancer-promoting food, will increase the colon cancer, the systemic failure. Colon cancer patients, must pay attention to the daily diet.
Studies have shown that high-fat diet promotes the incidence of intestinal tumors, in particular polyunsaturated fatty acids, although able to reduce blood fat, but there are cancer-promoting effects occur. Cholesterol itself is not carcinogenic, but also with gallstone acid reactions, tumor promotion, indicating that acid is a cancer-promoting factors in gallstone. Therefore, the colon cancer patient, do not eat more fat, total fat below 30% of total energy, animals, vegetable oil ratio should be appropriate. That is, the meal of the day, including the amount of fat the food itself, plus cooking oil daily to 50 grams of fat. Some friends fear of coronary heart disease, control of animal fat is very strict, often vegetable oil-based, or even do not eat animal fat, this would result in too much peroxide in vivo. Instability in the carbon chain as vegetable oil, easily oxidized, eating animal fat if appropriate, will make the carbon chain of stable, easily oxidized, and reduce the formation of free radicals, they must be scientific diet, pay attention to a reasonable proportion of fat, recommended saturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acid ratio of 1:1:1.
Common diet colon cancer diet should pay attention to eat more dietary fiber-rich vegetables such as celery, leeks, cabbage, carrots and other green leafy vegetables, dietary fiber-rich vegetables may stimulate bowel movements, increased frequency of defecation, feces were brought from take the carcinogenic and toxic substances. If the colon to the intestine protruding, luminal narrow, we must control the intake of dietary fiber, because the excessive intake of dietary fiber can cause intestinal obstruction. You should give digestible, semi-valuables flow of food, such as small rice, lotus root starch concentration of soup, a large rice soup, porridge, cornmeal porridge, custard, curd, etc., these foods can reduce the stimulation of the gut than through the intestinal smooth cavity, to prevent the occurrence of intestinal obstruction.
Results colorectal cancer patients after surgery should be with the other gastrointestinal surgery, as given to prescribed diet, diet in order to dilute the body to gradually adapt to the soft start to increase after the other diet. Should be careful not to eat more fat, to be reasonable with sugar, fat, protein, minerals, vitamins and other food, every day there are grains, lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, various vegetables and soy products, each the amount of species not too much. Required in order to supplement the body of various nutrients. Early after surgery is not normally eat, intravenous fluids should be based. Post-operative care and attention to strengthening nutrition, promote physical recovery of patients.
Early colon cancer often have changes in bowel movements, sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhea, then the blood, some patients alternating constipation and diarrhea. Therefore, attention should be paid to early conditioning stool colon cancer patients in the dietary intake of foods containing more crude fiber, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, vegetables, leaves, etc., but the processing should be careful to avoid the food over the rough parts of the tumor stimulation. Containing cellulose-rich foods, can make the stool has a capacity of fact, not only can prevent constipation, but also to some extent, prevent diarrhea, and to ensure the laws of daily bowel movements.
Advanced colorectal cancer patients because of malignant invasion of the intestine caused by the growth of intestinal stenosis, varying degrees of bowel obstruction, and reduce the capacity of food. Then give the patient should pay attention to nutrient-rich and less crude fiber foods such as eggs, lean meat, soy products and refined grains, vegetables, leaves, etc.; and has asked the patient drink plenty of water and honey, bananas, pears, etc., which best laxative effect of honey.
Common in patients with colon cancer diet and colon cancer taboo spicy food, chili, pepper and other foods have a stimulating effect on the anal, must not eat.

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