What is a benign tumor

By | November 15, 2011

What is benign? Benign tumor is the body's cells in some tissues abnormal value, pathological degree of differentiation really bit check is good, what is benign, the tumor cells and normal cells is similar to non-nuclear fission or nuclear fission rare, non-pathological phenomenon of nuclear fission, was expanded of growth, growth is relatively slow.
What is a benign tumor, benign tumors of the local organs, tissues and blocking only the role of extrusion, generally do not destroy the structure and function of organs, necrosis and hemorrhage are rare; do not invade adjacent normal tissue, tumor multi- spherical, nodular; often formed around the capsule, so obvious and normal tissue boundaries, touch, hang the mobile; surgical excision when the kiln is easy, removal is not transferred. Therefore, the majority of benign lung cancer can be completely excised without recurrence, can be completely cured, less harmful to humans.

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