What are the symptoms of cervical cancer

By | April 14, 2012

Carcinoma in situ and early invasive carcinoma often without any symptoms, many found in the census. The symptoms of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge and pain. The form and extent of its performance and cervical cancer lesions and pathological types sooner or later, have a certain relationship.
1. Vaginal discharge the majority of cervical cancer patients have varying degrees of vaginal discharge. Stimulation of the existence of early cervical cancer, hyperthyroidism glandular secretion, resulting in straw-like vaginal discharge liquid, with the development of cancer, cancer tissue necrosis and secondary infection, vaginal discharge change opacity, such as blood samples Taomi Shui kind or version, has a special odor.
2. Abnormal vaginal bleeding as an early manifestation of a small amount of bloody vaginal discharge and contact bleeding, patients are due to sexual intercourse or a small amount of vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement to come for treatment. Often very irregular vaginal bleeding, usually after the first little more fluctuating. Cauliflower bleeding cervical cancer early, the amount will rise, erosion of great vessels late after cancer, can cause fatal massive vaginal bleeding.
3. Pain for advanced cervical cancer symptoms. Pain arising mainly due to pelvic nerve infiltration or compression by tumor. If the obturator nerve, generous nerves, large blood vessels or the pelvic wall involvement, can cause severe pain, and sometimes radiation to the lower limbs. Other reasons for the pain caused by: cervix cancer were blocked, the uterine cavity uterine secretions or the formation of poor drainage product version, appears lower abdominal pain; cancer violation of parametrial tissue, ureteral compression or infiltration by the time, can cause ureteral hydroureter or renal pelvis, resulting in pain, or recover from illness twin of one or both sides of the severe lower abdominal pain; oppression lymphatic cancer, Confucianism blocked blood vessels to return, it can lower extremity swelling and pain.
4. Other symptoms of advanced bladder cancer when violated, can cause urinary frequency, dysuria, or hematuria, or even bladder vagina thin. Pressure on both sides of ureteral obstruction, such as, can lead to urine retention and uremia, is the leading cause of death. When the cancer spread back when oppression or violation of the rectum, often tenesmus, blood in the stool or bowel difficulties, or even the formation of rectovaginal thin. With advanced cancer can occur due to the long physical exertion cachexia. Local visual observation of early cervical cancer can not be identified only in varying degrees most inexpensive bad or minor contact bleeding, and even some cervical smooth appearance. Suspicious or clinical Pat can identify cervical cancer patients should be careful gynecological examination and the necessary body examination in order to make early diagnosis and identification of the type and extent of tumor growth.

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