What are common symptoms of testicular cancer

By | April 14, 2012

1. Testicular swelling which is a large number of tumor cells to proliferate endlessly result is common symptom of testicular cancer . Enlargement of the shape is not uniform, and sometimes quite irregular.
2. Testicles testicular texture and touch, like rock hard lumps, hard texture, which is normal when the testes were testicular inflammation and swelling of uniform soft texture of a significant difference. Although the testis is very hard, but there is no pain when touched, this identification with orchitis.
3. Testicular heaviness of testicular cancer is the growth of tumor cells to form large, it is a solid mass, growth to a certain extent, the surge in testicular weight, the patient will feel a heavy fall, and even affect the walk. If the hand hold up the testicles, as if holding a stone, there is a certain sense of weight.
4. Transmittance test negative effusions usually dark, the scrotum and testis enhanced light transmission, light transmission test was positive.Testicular tumor growth was dense and solid, there is no liquid, light transmission is greatly reduced.
Common symptoms of testicular cancer , we can see, any painless testicular enlargement, and testicular hard, heavy, got to watch out for testicular cancer, may seize the treatment, do not suffer in silence, delay treatment. As many of testicular cancer is cryptorchidism transformed from patients cryptorchidism, even if the implementation had surgery for testicular can sometimes damage or hypoplasia, as well as the possibility of progression to testicular cancer, so should attention to the traces of testicular cancer.

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