Virus infection, cancer prevention

By | October 15, 2011

Is also a cancer, caused by a cancer virus is relatively easy to prevent, then the virus should be how to do cancer prevention? Long way to prevent virus infection on it. For example, hepatitis B, the mother is a virus if you know the words themselves, the children immediately after the injection of hepatitis B vaccine at birth. Will be able to prevent infection, then 40 – 50 years later, these children are hepatitis cause liver cancer can greatly reduce the chances.
Viral infection of cancer prevention should do? Adult T cell leukemia virus infection routes only three were infected through transfusion of blood is used, but his mother was breastfeeding the baby carrier, and finally passed to the husband and wife are carriers, including blood transfusion problem because of our complete blood test systems which do not have to worry too much, mother to child vertical transmission of adult T cell leukemia has just established preventive measures, like hepatitis, as has been made out of the hepatitis B vaccine, breast-feeding had to rely on this method do not personally, but because breast milk contains a large number of immune antibodies, can help babies improve immunity, and because breast-feeding itself is a transfer mode of motherly love, not in terms of breast-feeding mother is a blow, but at this stage they have to do it this way, the third sex , if the husband knows he is living with HIV, it is best to use a condom to protect his wife's health, but the specific implementation of these methods actually much harder. It was made by computer calculations. Human beings to completely block viral infection, to 22 century AD can be achieved.
Infection if preventive measures for cancer prevention on it.

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