Tumor markers in patients

By | April 18, 2012

Tumor markers in patients mainly through the determination of its existence or contents to aid in cancer diagnosis and monitoring of the efficacy and tumor recurrence or metastasis. However, due to many types of tumor markers, and most of the sensitivity, specificity is not ideal, it is only reasonable choice for scientific applications, can really play its role.
(1) patients with tumors according to the type of targeted those who have been unanimously approved the choice of the higher specificity of tumor markers for monitoring, the best approach is to pre-treatment before surgery or select a sub-group, then select one elevated tumor marker for monitoring indicators.
(2) select the best combination of joint monitoring, for example: colon cancer CEA, CA preferred a combination of yin and membrane CA-negative cancer, CA-50 combination, ovarian cancer CA-125, CA 199, a combination of iron-protein , liver AFPCA-50 combination combination etc are good.
Tumor markers in patients (3) attention to regular testing and dynamic observation, that cancer patients have been diagnosed in the treatment of their original values measured before, after regular inspection, and before and after the establishment of self-control. Dynamic observation, regardless of their measured values of the trend is up or down, have some clinical significance. Tumor markers in the evaluation of test results, due to various measurement methods, the use of instruments and reagents for companies to provide different, so the normal reference value of each offer is different, it should be noted when evaluating test results. In addition, because of the results of tumor markers in many factors, such as the operation is not standardized, measurement standard is not strict, specimen collection, improper storage or contamination, it must pay attention to distinguish between false positive results and false negative problem.
Ip cancer patients tumor markers or therapeutic concentration after the main conflict in card charge-type 3: Let j thick. Support dropped to normal levels, suggesting that the tumor removed or all of remission.
concentrations significantly decreased, but still continued at normal levels or above, or the short term and then decreased to the level of IE often re-t l, suggesting residual tumor tissue and (or) transfer.
Tumor markers in patients, concentration was decreased to normal levels for some time (about a few months) and then re-add l ten days, the tips of tumor recurrence or metastasis. The level of clinical evaluation of tumor markers on the basis of the effectiveness of standard treatment (Besastall s) for: valid: tumor marker levels decreased compared with that before treatment "50%. Improvement: tumor marker levels compared with those before treatment decreased> 50%. Effective: tumor marker levels decreased compared with that before treatment "90%.

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