The lives of patients with esophageal cancer nursed back to health

By | October 22, 2011

Whether esophageal cancer early, comprehensive treatment by surgery and a series of radical measures have been achieved: a finding that has been or is late, the interval is not a cure; are nursed back to health there is a problem. As the saying goes "one-third rule seven support" is the truth, then nursed back to life in patients with esophageal cancer should be how to do it?
Perhaps you will say: I have been radical, the disease is cured, but also nursed back to it? From the expert point of view, you have this idea obviously made a big mistake. On the other hand, if the advanced esophageal cancer patients feel that they did not save anyway, but nursed back to health by talking about it? Who hold this view indeed, but also a lot, but they are indeed wrong.
The purpose of life of patients with esophageal cancer nursed back to health is to improve the quality of life, good or bad the quality of life is always the same two core problems: emotional and physical.
1. To improve the quality of life is the consensus of cancer specialists
We know that the current level of medicine is limited, early cancer may also be cured, once in the late stage, the cure rate is very low. Even a small number of advanced cancer may also be cured, but the esophagus was not among them. Of advanced cancer is not curable, and now the medical profession all over the world there is a consensus eleven most important quality of life.
2. What is the quality of life
Quality of life speak the vernacular is the "quality of life", English is the quality of life, referred to as QOL. In fact, the QOL assessment studies and related patents are not cancer specialists, experts in many other disease areas should also study this problem, there are several dedicated to assess the quality of life QOL scale in the world to use the.
3. Good or bad depends on what quality of life
Evaluation of quality of life in many aspects of content, related to: loss of appetite and feeding conditions, mental state, good or bad sleep, fatigue strength of powerlessness, the degree of severity of pain, family members understanding and cooperation within and colleagues ( including the boss or leader) of the understanding and cooperation, the patient's own awareness of cancer treatment, the patient himself the attitude of various treatments, daily self-sustaining capability.
Nursed back to life in patients with esophageal cancer is very important, we must be nursed back to health properly in daily life.

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