The concept of tumor

By | April 26, 2012

The concept of tumor, tumor monograph in medical term defined as "the body's organs and tissues of the lung tumor cells in the external and internal factors, the long-term harmful effect of a kind produced by excessive proliferation of cells as the main characteristics of the new organisms. This new biological and physical needs of affected organs has nothing to do, do not follow the normal law of organ growth, loss of normal cell function, damage to the original organ structure, and some can be transferred to other parts of the life-threatening. "benign tumors can be divided into and two types of cancer, but cancer is a class of malignant tumors. Because less benign impact on human health, so the following focuses on cancer, especially cancer.
The concept of tumor, malignant tumor from the tissue can be divided into two categories: one occurrence of the malignant epithelial cells known as cancer, such as malignant lung epithelial cells to form lung cancer, malignant gastric epithelial cells to the formation of gastric cancer and so on; other a class of malignant mesenchymal tissue sarcoma known as leiomyosarcoma, fibrosarcoma and so on. Xin get more people to cancer, and sarcoma hear less of it than sarcoma patients with cancer is more relevant. Cancer and sarcoma clinical ratio of about 9:10. So, cancer in the end is how the case?
As a class of malignant cancer, normal cells from the human body evolved. After the normal cell into a cancer cell, like a runaway horse, the body can not hold it in, resulting in so-called "dysplasia." Dysplasia relative to normal cell proliferation purposes. There is a human cell growth, reproduction, aging, the dying process. Cell death after aging will replace it with new cells, tissues and organs to maintain normal body functions.
The concept of the tumor can be seen, most human cells can be proliferated. But the proliferation of normal cells is limited, and the proliferation of cancer cells is unlimited, the official result of this malignant hyperplasia, is a large body of nutrients to be consumed, while cancer cells can release a variety of toxins, the body produce a series of symptoms. If you find that combined treatment is not timely, cancer cells can also be transferred to other parts of the body growth and reproduction, the best result in the body weight loss, weakness, anemia, loss of appetite, fever and dirty organ function and damage, the consequences severe.

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