Surgical care of lung cancer

By | December 10, 2011

Surgical treatment of lung cancer treatment, in addition to and b, shall be treated by surgery or surgery led to fight, according to various stages, pathological type, Zhuojia radiation therapy, chemotherapy and immune therapy of comprehensive treatment. The treatment of small cell lung cancer indication, the program needs to be constantly revised improve clinical practice. On the survival after lung cancer surgery, the domestic three-year survival rate is reported at 40% to 60%; five-year survival rate was 22.9% ~ 44.3%, operative mortality below 3%.
Surgical care of lung cancer 1. Surgical preparation
(1) prepared filled lung cancer patients most fear, lack of confidence in the operation, leading to tension and anxiety, should be patiently explained, to say more favorable factors, enhance the confidence of the patient overcome the disease.
(2) to understand the heart and lung function, making coagulation tests, reasonable anti-infective treatment.
(3) preoperative nutritional supplement should be given high-protein, high calorie, high in vitamins, digestible diet, guide the patient selection of milk, eggs, lean meat, fish and shrimp and other high-quality protein, albumin or blood transfusion when necessary, intravenous to correct the negative nitrogen balance.
(4) Church of the patient cough and deep and slow method of abdominal breathing and reduce pulmonary complications.
Surgical care of lung cancer 2. Postoperative Care
(1) patient care after general anesthesia closely observe the patient's complexion, breathing, blood pressure, pulse and body temperature changes in the chest to detect the disease after 1-3 days, should continue to oxygen (oxygen flow 4-6 min), to maintain effective respiratory function.
(2) clear the respiratory tract immediately after anesthesia to encourage patients to cough and deep breathing, to help patients stand up, physical activity, sit up and take back, aerosol inhalation, so that discharge secretions. Suction necessary to keep the airway open and prevent infection.
(3) use of analgesics after surgery depending on the circumstances analgesics, tranquilizers, to ensure that the patient rest and sleep.
(4) maintain a closed drainage of pleural drainage tube patency was observed and the nature of the amount of fluid drainage, abnormal, notify students.
(5) to guide the patient to do inflatable sports, such as blowing balloons to promote lung expansion.
(6) after removal of drainage tubes to help patients gradually increase activity levels and promote lung function recovery, and prevent lung disease and to guide the activities of the patients shoulder exercise, shoulder to prevent sagging.
(7), lung cancer care, after 6-8 hours after eating, such as Yuan nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and pain, may be appropriate, water. Tianyuan after the first special circumstances, may be into digestible diet, drink more water.
(8) The whole lung resection, intravenous fluids should not be too fast, 2rnL per minute is appropriate, so as not to cause pulmonary edema.

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