Photodynamic therapy how to care for

By | December 9, 2011

Photodynamic therapy of tumor after-care, general medicine and in the course of treatment without adverse reaction, the laser light some may have mild edema, partial tumor after treatment with the knots epilepsy, attention to the timely removal of copies around the discharge end. PDT treatment, was the site of laser irradiation may also be pain, redness, blisters or sores, severe exfoliative dermatitis may be complicated, so take care to do the following.
(1) after photodynamic therapy for cancer care is taken to keep parts clean, dry dressing if necessary, to do local processing.
(2) The tongue of the patient within 4 hours after treatment, temporary water fasting, followed by edible cool the liquid diet or soft diet, meals must be made before and after the chlorhexidine rinse mouth, eat coarse and spicy food.
(3) If pain can be prescribed appropriate analgesics O
(4) Photodynamic therapy of skin care to prevent photosensitive reactions, nurses give patients from light guide, to tell the patient to avoid direct exposure to light skin (including solar lights and lighting), as in the dark during the day and indoor rest room available red lighting, if needed when they go out, you have to wear wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, wearing scarves and gloves, wear long-sleeved clothing, pants, avoid exposed skin, usually dark for 1 week. Photosensitive period, must be tolerated Zhu Huanzhe increasing illumination time, let patients can be exposed to a small area of skin to receive light 5 minutes, 24 hours, check the degree of exposure to skin reactions, and then determine the increase in exposure time accordingly.
(5) in the event of photosensitive reaction, can be prescribed with oral antihistamine, local Na coated with agents to corticosteroids.

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